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The need to eat healthy, without wasting time

The idea of ​​Easy Chicken was born from the need of combining nutrition and training to achieve specific goals. The company opened in Vicenza in 2017 with a clear objective in mind: to offer a healthy, macro-balanced and customizable meals as you would prepare at home during your meal prep. Last food technology and technical package allow to storage your meals for several days in the fridge, freezer and heating in the microwave.

Customizable meals

Customers can choose between the meal proposals studied with our reference nutritionists or customize food combinations, weights or macros to align them with their food plan:

3x 120g sliced chicken, 100g basmati rice, 150g vegetables; 2x 200g cod fillet, 80g black rice, 100g carrots


5x groud beef with 44g P, 37g C, 18g F (if not mentioned in the order the food combination stick to our menu proposal)

Customization takes place via WhatsApp message to the company number where customers can list the meals requested specifying macros or variations and weights of all the elements that make up every single meal or can directly send us the food plan file made by their nutritionist/personal trainer. Once ordered, specialized chefs produce meals for the entire week/month based on specific needs.

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Hit your goals

It is proven that to achieve optimal results in any discipline it is necessary to make sure you have a nutritional plan aligned with your goals. In the world of fitness, to cite an example, the real challenge does not take place in the gym but in the kitchen. More than 70% of the results depend on what, how much and when you eat.
In a historical period where finding the time and desire to cook is an increasingly difficult challenge, the company, with its offer at a sustainable price, clearly caters to those who find complicated to manage their home meal prep but still want to achieve their goals with balanced meals for the whole week/month.

Simple, specialized and sustainable

Specialization, transparency and quality are the cornerstones around which the company's activity revolves. The company selects the most suitable raw materials to guarantee optimal psycho-physical performance. Different variations of lean meats, fish, vegetarian burgers and meatballs, omelettes with a prevalence of egg whites, pasta, rice and whole grains, mainly fresh vegetables from the nearby fruit and vegetable market steam cooked allow a focus on a simple, high quality and specialized offer for its customers.
The layout of the spaces within the laboratory and the social media contents in which the production phases are shown daily allow the customer to see with their own eyes the working environment and the manufacturing process of the raw material, establishing a climate of trust and transparency necessary to start a lasting relationship over time.